Bought Blackberry Passport black in Akihabara

I have purchased Blackberry Passport in Akihabara today at Iosys in Akihabara. I love the design, and will post a picture of it later.


Kyoto trip

Until today, I was in the wonderful city of Kyoto, Japan. As I traveled via Shinkansen (Bullet train) for a little more than 2hours, I arrived in Kyoto.

People of Kyoto speak with a slight accent which is difficult to describe in English. Maybe the sort of difference of New England English vs. the San Francisco English. Well, you will have to actually go there to grasp the difference of Japanese accents.

I traveled first to the train museum which I thoroughly enjoyed and even bought a TOMIX freight car N gauge train model as an omiyage.

The next day, I went around the city although it was raining.

The third day, which is today, I bought a book about intellectual living in Kyoto Station’s bookstore and completed reading it on the Shinkansen ride back. I will upload photos I took later. See you!

Selling 2 x Sharp Zaurus SL-C700 Working, without Batteries on eBay!

I’m selling 2 x Sharp Zaurus SL-C700 Working, without Batteries on eBay!

Both units have been tested to work. Batteries are not included in this listing. 
The OS is in Japanese.
You can flash it to English easily by downloading Cacko 1.23 ROM from the internet.
We will ship worldwide by registered airmail with tracking ($10.50) or by EMS with tracking and insurance ($22.00 to USA, $27.00 elsewhere). 
Starting from $50.00, $100.00 Buy It Now.

Minato Mirai


Just as we run through perils and winding roads, we see a light. A Light that shines in my soul. Yes, it is that Light that makes me happy.

Just some things

I just noticed the other day that Kaggle joined Google.

Well, that’s that I guess, I hope they don’t shut it down sometime later… 😦

At the moment, I am installing Visual Studio 2015 for installing Arrayfire (for God knows how many times now!) I hope I can learn to program it well this time. I keep saying I have to make a search engine ranker with CUDA acceleration…