Interesting plot by MATLAB experiment.



Writing at midnight

Being serious at something you love is rewarding.

It makes you face certain difficult challenges, but eventually you see that inch by inch you are progressing toward that esteemed goal.

Working hard all the time isn’t good, yes, one can say that but often times it is better off to be serious than a sloth.

My personal experience tells me to keep believing in yourself, whether when the sun is out and shiny or when it is raining. You see, there is always a chance to see a double rainbow after dreary rain.

I’m content with who I am, what I strive for, the challenges I faced to get me here. Just ask Jesus to slowly show how the universe works.

Until next time,

Tsubasa Kato 2018/4/29


One of the first few pictures I took with my new smartphone, (SIM-free) Motorola G4 Plus. Yeah, it’s not the latest out there or the high end but I like it so far.

Deciding whether to change my smartphone carrier

Well, I’ve been dissatisfied with me spending a lot of money on just internet connection on my smartphone, so I decided I’d be saving cost on it. I have two candidates: Nuro Mobile and the one from BIC Camera.

Both are very cheap compared to the Softbank plan I’m using right now. I hope to find a good choice.