Well, I got a new equipment for my development use.

It’s a Inspiron 5000 series laptop, with Core i7 CPU. I bought it at Yamada Denki. I connected to my trusty BenQ monitor, but I pressed the power button a little firmly and the switch broke! Fortunately however, I have the LG 21.5inch monitor, so I’m using that. Maybe I’ll purchase another monitor when I feel like it .

I use the Inspiron 5000 connected to my SideWinder X4 keyboard, an Elecom 1600 dpi laser mouse, and LG 21.5 inch monitor.

I configured a lot of stuff today, Solr 6.0 on my Inspiron via VirtualBox, & CentOS 7 and also tried out neo4j on a hosted environment (graphenedb). So far so good.

The RAM is 8GB, but can be upgraded to 16GB, and the HDD is 2TB. This model has an optical drive, which was good for me (Blu-ray drive).

I also bought Category 7e cable to connect the Inspiron 5000 series to my router.

All for now.

Tsubasa Kato





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