So, the other day I purchased an iPad Pro 32GB Gold. I still have my iPad mini Retina (2), but as I updated to iOS 9.3, things became a little bit slow for me. (Which I totally expected by the way)

Then, I was going to write this post on Blogger, but it seems like they got rid of the Blogger app for iOS, which is terrible. I really hope they put it back up.

Anyways, back to subject, You can edit a Perl source code quite easily by attaching a wired keyboard or pairing a Bluetooth keyboard and installing an app called TextCode ($1.99).

TextCode can get your source code from Dropbox. You can also upload to Dropbox and even send to Slack. Sending to Slack is really a good thing, as I am using it for development chat meetings these days, and I post it to a private channel called “codes-for-fun” so I can later run it on my MacBook Pro or Air.

Just a short post,

Until next time.

Tsubasa Kato



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