Well, it’s been a while since I last posted.

Today I was thinking about where to invest and stuff. Since there are going to be lots and lots more or IoT (Internet of Things), there will be more cyber security incidents that cyber security companies will have to take care of. I’ve invested in a couple of cyber security companies, and that’s going fairly well. I’m investing in the long term, my goal until 2020 or so. I want to also invest in AI related companies, as AI is becoming a hot trend these days.

HPC. Acronym for High Performance Computing. I asked on Quora a question on how I should get into the HPC world, and two kind people gave me good advice here. I am learning MPI and MPI4py using Raspberry Pi 2 Model B x 2 and a book called An introduction to Parallel Computing. Also, sentdex’s videos are helping me a lot. I was experimenting how MPI4py will work against different CPU architectures, and the result was that it didn’t work. I tried using mpiexec with python on Raspberry Pi 2 and Parallella. My initial thought was that that will work out but it was proven wrong. (Don’t call me a noob plz.)

I also subscribed to Bloomberg Businessweek, and it should be coming in a few more weeks. I’m excited for it to come, it was only 9250yen for 58 issues.

Tomorrow, I will be going to Tokyo. I hope I have a fun time. 🙂


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