So, it’s 13th of August, and about an hour and 39 minutes to tomorrow as I’m writing this entry.

I’m learning R (programming language) on DataCamp, and successfully earned a certificate of completion of Introduction to R. It’s now on my LinkedIn profile. :)I’m also skimming and auditing the Machine Learning course on coursera, so I got to download a Student version of MATLAB 2015a for my Macbook Pro (Late 2014).

Speaking of Macbook Pro, it’s recently overheating a lot, which is kind of annoying me. But it’s okay since I have bought a fan cooler which attaches to the bottom of the Macbook Pro for like $40.

There’s a lot of things going on in my life recently, clients and buyers from literally around the world are buying my stuff, so that’s keeping me busy. The last big project was sending two carbon bonnets and a Recaro seat to a client in USA. It went successfully.

Oh yes, if you are reading this, and want to import Japanese hard to find items to your country, drop me an email at: tsubasa_kato [at] .
I will do my best to export the hard to find Japanese item to your country (even really big items like carbon bonnet for automobile).

Jumping back to the topic about computers.
Well, my friend Mikey lives in Pennsylvania, and he updated his laptops to Windows 10, but it seems he had some issues with it and reverted to Windows 8. I was thinking of upgrading my Toshiba Dynabook Kira V63 but that made me think again.


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