Well, it’s sort of a little bit strange to use the word “reminiscing” when I went to Russia from May 26th 2015 to June 1st 2015. It was a rather short plane ride from Narita to Moscow (10hours) , then a short plane ride (1hour 30minutes) from Moscow to St. Petersburgh. I visited both St. Petersburgh and Moscow in this trip.

I visited many cathedrals of the Russian Orthodox Church, and they were very spiritually strong places.

One place I really liked was the Red Square. It is on the outside of the Kremlin, and many visitors were there. I watched the ballet (Swan Lake) in Hermitage Theater. I can still hear the music of the Swan Lake in my years, tan-tada-tada-tada-tan…

The first hotel in St. Petersburgh I stayed in was rather “Soviet-style” if I may say, it didn’t have the light working properly on the bathroom / bath, and the door was a little broken. But that’s that, a tired looking man came to fix it in the middle of the night. (Thank God!). But then I must imagine in the Soviet era Russia things were more different.
The next hotel in Moscow was more “western”, but the day I got in, it was thunder storming and very humid. This hotel was really relaxing, and I liked it very much.

I will write more soon, and maybe post some pictures of my trip.

Until then,

Tsubasa Kato


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