I’m recently working on several projects in my office / home. First is ThoughtRemix.com, which is going to be a portal where you can remix your thoughts online. 

God has been blessing me spiritually and I am constantly going to church near my house (Hon-Atsugi and Samukawa-machi). The Korean church that is in Hon-Atsugi is very good, and I think I will go there most of the time. I got to be friends with a guy called Han, he’s from Korea studying at Tokai-Daigaku. There are two other friends I made recently, and also, what’s funny is that a Megane-Ichiba’s clerk is my friend too (female). She’s really kind when I go make glasses or just glance them, so Megane-Ichiba is a very good place to go shopping for glasses.

I am hoping to learn electronics / computer science in Russia someday, as it is one of the best countries to study in the world excluding United States. Even short term will be good. I really want to see St. Petersburgh! 🙂

In Christ,

Tsubasa Kato 8/24/2014


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