Hey guys! Sorry for not writing so often recently. I have been busy doing many things, including attending a blogging event hosted by Hewlett Packard.

Guess what! I can go to a course in a very prestigious (if not THE university) Japanese University to use supercomputer course using MPI. I am really excited for this, and have been brushing up my C language skills. I noticed C isn’t too hard as long as you aren’t writing a crawler or scraper with it.

I am looking forward for this, as I feel I will take advantage of this course to later use supercomputer extensively for my research on the web using the supercomputer. 

I have actually used a node of a supercomputer once, making a design of airplane in a tech show in Japan called CEATEC. 

The thing I am planning for the future is to use the supercomputer for text mining, using Monte Carlo simulation for web search (information retrieval) and such. 

I am really thankful to God for making this opportunity be possible to me! 🙂



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