Recently, I’m really learning how to exert effort and doing one’s best. The thing is, there is something in me telling me to do my 100% always, so that you can achieve high goals.

Looking back my last 10 years, a lot of things happened in my life. In 2003 (10 years ago) I made my search engine, Mohawk Search Engine (which I call Mohawk Search now). In 2004, I started Ppctweakies online, selling Pocket PC apps.

I changed my high school in 2006, Got my TOEFL (CBT) at 2006. I scored 260/300 when I was 16. In 2007, I started my online business, which I am continuing right now. In 2010, I interviewed at Google Japan, which was a very good experience. I didn’t get in, but since then, I go to their Tech Talks and Google I/O Extended, which is really exciting. In 2012, at my first TOEIC test, I scored 990/990, a perfect score.

In February 2013, I went to Osaka for a presentation of my search engine, Mohawk Search at GDG Kobe. It was a success, and I could meet new people there.

This month, I’m going somewhere special. I hope everything goes smoothly.

Thank you God, for all Your Blessings.



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