These days, I’m pretty busy doing a lot of stuff. The other day, I went to a blogger’s meeting for Immersion Corporation, which does haptics. Haptics is the feedback you receive via piezo speaker or vibrator on your phone or gaming device. Immersion’s technology is used in PS3 too, I believe.

Also, I’m reading a lot of books recently, and the book I bought today is 永遠の0, a book on zero fighters during World War 2.

I think it will be interesting to read, as my grandfather on my mother’s side used to be a mechanic for the Imperial Army’s air force, and he used to tell me a lot of stories during the war when he was stationed in Taiwan.

My grandfather actually gave me a memoir written by him and the other members of his detachment. There were some other people telling about submarines too.

Recently, I’m catching up on news about North Korea, as it is a close country to Japan. I think there will be military conflicts soon, and I must prepare myself for that. Read this article to know what I’m talking about. I’m planning to seek a job in the cyber security industry this year after I go to MIT for my short program.


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