Recently, I’ve been studying quite a bit on security related issues since I’m going to MIT to study cyber security this June.

Work wise, I’m slowly but surely making progress on my mobile related store online. The thing is there’s so much momentum in the mobile world that the competitions is ever so harsh. But that doesn’t stop me. Yeah. I’m serious.

I’m hoping to take the 英検1級 this year which I unfortunately failed at the first attempt, lacking only 4 points when I was 20. The hardest part for me was hearing Japanese accented English, which I don’t have much chance to hear. I think I will hear a lot more Japanese people speaking English, who are not that fluent.

I think I will study more of The Art of War by Sun Tzu (孫子の兵法). It’s a really ancient book, but I know it has very good truth in it. I have bought several books on it in Japanese. I don’t know if the nuance will be different in English, so I guess I will buy an English version when I get the chance to.

My goal is to be a search engineer / security expert / data mining engineer for some respective company, since I want to be able to have a good salary and get married to a wonderful woman. Being a freelance in this field is very difficult. But being freelancer has good part too, that you can have more freedom to do things you like. Hm… difficult choices.

Oh yes, I want to take LPIC too, to prove my Linux skills. My first Linux was Slackware, FYI.


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