Recently, I am filled with joy somehow.

Well, it’s not really a mystery as to why I am joyful.

It’s probably very simple. I’m recently reading the Bible a lot more, and praying more at the same time. Jesus is really working in my life these days, and I’m really glad He is.

Beginning my Christian life started in Yokohama, but over the years I moved around, especially during my high school years. I lived near Chidori Station in 2006, in Hiratsuka in 2006, and in 2007 I lived in Higashi Kurume. I moved back to Hiratsuka again in 2008.

Those days were tough times.

But a good friend of mine and I contacted each other for a long time from 2009 (we still do, occasionally) and she was a great encourager to me.

Friends are so important. It’s really hard to be REALLY in touch with those who live thousands of miles away, but friends are something I treasure, something that is so dear to me.

Lord, thank you for giving me blessings and a lot of good friends over the years.

T.K. 2013/1/22


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