This is something I’ve been thinking.

What we today (actions) will be affecting our future. What we read, study, think will have great effect in months, years to come.

You know, life is a long journey.

There’s no need to rush.

But if you do nonsense things today, remember that someday you may regret your actions. So be sensible and be productive. It’s good to relax, but you should work too, and if the job or work is something you like doing, you are probably lucky.

I feel there is a more important thing in this world more than money. As a Christian, God should be the number one priority, (This can be challenging at times) but after God, is experience.

Experience is not something you get at a convenient store. It’s something you gain by living your life. Everyone has different experiences in their life, everyone’s values are different. I respect that, but sometimes I must say I am disappointed in some people’s values. They are sometimes doing degrading things publicly or semi publicly through SNS. You know who checks SNS, people? Some people should think twice before posting it!

I will leave the answer to who is checking SNS to your imagination, but it’s not only a virtual world anymore. It’s going to affect your future. And you don’t want to learn it the hard way. So be careful.

Just a friendly advice.

Well, our world is ever so connected, but I know people are lonely at the same time. I’m hoping more of a world back in 90’s sometimes, where Internet was slow and mobile devices were not as popular as now.

No, it’s not that I don’t like technogical advances, in fact I love it, but I feel people should value more time spent with their friends and family offline.

I want to be a person who has good balance between online and offline life.

Thanks for reading my thoughts,
Tsubasa Kato 11/3/2012


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