Hi everyone who’s reading my blog! I’m planning to go to Korea either next month or December, and I’m excited. I’ve always wanted to go to Korea, and I only stopped there twice when I went to France last year and when I came back from France.

I’m not really sure, but seems like my ancestry going way back is Korean, although I’m a full blood Japanese. You know the story that Koreans came to Japan long, long time ago, right?

It’s funny I can almost say I can feel I am a Korean descendant since I love Korean food. 🙂 And I was mistaken as a Korean several times in the past.

My other side of my ancestry goes way back too, my ancestors owned a small castle (dejiro) of Odawara castle. I’m proud to be Japanese, but I guess I do have some Korean blood in me too, so yeah it’s interesting.

When I visit Korea, I’m going to visit SAMSUNG store if there is. I also want to buy some real kimchi… And the list goes on.

I’ve got to learn some basic Korean soon!


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