I went to watch Larry Crowne (幸せの教室) today at a local movie theater I usually go to.

I guess I rather like the Japanese title for the movie, translated as “Classroom of Happiness”. The word “幸せ” has a better nuance than happiness in English, it’s rather hard to explain.

Something I noticed about Tom Hanks acting as Larry Crowne in the movie is that somehow he likes to have movies with carts! 😉 Remember “Terminal” back in 2004? I still remember Tom Hanks hauling all those carts for getting a few cents at the airport. Tom Hanks is hauling a lot of carts when he is acting as a employee at U Mart. 

U Mart reminded me of Walmart I went in Pennsylvania when I was 11 years old. It looked really familiar. Here’s a link to the real place they used to take  the shot of U Mart in Larry Crowne.

I enjoyed the movie very much, I really liked George Takei playing Dr. Ed Matsutani, especially the creepy laughter in front of the economics class. I’m glad Larry could succeed in his economics class from him.

I watched The Pelican Brief the other day starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts, and as I watched Julia Roberts act in Larry Crowne, she had a new charm in Larry Crowne. 5.9/10 rating at IMDb doesn’t rate the movie well. I give it a 10/10 for its humorous account of Larry Crowne’s life, and I am looking forward to Tom Hanks’ and Julia Robert’s future acting. 

The movie is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet. (It’s still open here in Japan)

Until next time,

Tsubasa Kato



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