Hi guys.

I’m in my server room hosting Mohawk, and listening to Steve Wozniak’s video and dreaming up the future (yes, yet again).

I have always been fascinated by electronics from an early age, and built kits (first unsuccessfully) from the famous Akizuki Denshi. I used to travel to Akihabara a lot with my dad, who sometimes bought me electronic kits which were kits with PICs and sometimes ADuC microcontrollers.

Here I am, after almost 10years from those days, writing this entry. There are certain obvious trends in Japan. First of all, smartphones are becoming a commodity. I never really thought it will catch on this much when I first got my pre-smartphone (PDA) Cassiopeia E-700WE which was a limited edition for about 19800yen.It had 150Mhz processor, and it was quite snappy. (I still have it treasured in my room)

ARM pretty much dominates the CPU of the smartphones, but back in my days, there was a market full of MIPS, SH3, SH4, and ARM processors all powering PDAs and handheld computers.

What I really want to do is integrate search and thought process into a single app for Android (first, then iOS devices).This is taking me long time, but I think I will start working in my server room for now because I get less distractions than my room down here.

First, I will start off by making a small browser with notepad in one screen, and probably get the Sony Tablet P cheap for development use. I like the fact that it’s a clamshell device and a dual screen device. šŸ™‚ and I’ve been wanting it for a long time now.

I think I will learn more about psychology and how and what motivates people to work more. I am thinking colors are pretty important in the motivation of people’s want to work.

Data mining more intensely and building a lot of sites is one of the minor things I want to accomplish this year. The affiliate revenue is not that bad, but I want to earn more to be able to always buy the latest development devices (Android and iOS). This is also an motivation for me to build apps too I like the latest products that are out there.

I am planning on taking a short course this summer in Boston, and that is going to be fun. This is also my other motivation to earn more revenue online, as I have been doing since 2004. (I was making Pocket PC programs those days)

So… wrapping up, I need to:

1. Brainstorm and work more in my server room

2. Make more revenue online.

3. Share my ideas with my friends or even online to make a team.

4. Make it happen.


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