Recently, I’m learning more Java and security.

One project I completed is connecting my Java program to MySQL. I’ve been unable to do this although I knew it wasn’t too difficult. I think I will build more backend programs  out of Java in the near future.

Study…. It’s not like what used to be in highschool. Nobody tells you what you should study, and I study on my own. It’s really cool, I get to go to libraries whenever I want and all that. And…. another good news is that MITx is coming soon. I really am planning to take that course.

Working hard on a new version of Mohawk is probably the way to go. I’ve been thinking of changing the main program to Java for a while, but I’ll stick with Perl until I can make sure the Java version of Mohawk doesn’t give any problems. I will start by switching the ranker and index updater to Java, but I don’t want to risk ruining the MySQL database I made. It’s just not worth it at the moment.

Python is something else I’m wanting to figure out. I tried some samples from O’Reilly books, but I think I like Java better than Python, and Perl better than Java. 🙂 lol

On a side note, I am really hoping there won’t be any major earthquakes in Japan this year.



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