The other day, I went to a local electronic’s store called K’s Denki (It’s an acronym for Kato’s Denki) where I bought SONY NEX-5N. It’s kinda cool you get to shop a new camera in a shop with the same last name. lol

I tried some effects on Photoshop Elements 10 on my Macbook Pro, and here is one try. The picture below is unedited.

I’m hoping to travel overseas soon, and I’ll tell you where once I get decided officially. I think I’ll have an awesome camera life with this camera. I think I will buy the optional electronic viewfinder. (It’s expensive! 25,000 yen just for that!!)


2 thoughts on “Took a photo with my new camera: NEX-5N

  1. try going to palawan, philippines! its a beautiful place I assure you šŸ™‚ or try checking the places I visited (in my facebook photos) to give you an idea (bohol, boracay, baler)

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