Recently, I have a lot of chances to go to seminars, blogger’s meeting, and overseas.

I will list all the companies and places I have gone to which is significant to me.

Google Japan (Roppongi Hills) (for Google Techtalk, Google I/O Extended)
Canon (Shinagawa)
Sony HQ (Tokyo, 2005)

Blogger’s Meeting
Sony Ericsson

Moscone West (Search Engine Strategies)

Mont Saint Michel

The good thing about these experiences is that there are so many connections I can make by networking.

Going to France this February made me realize how much culture is different from Japan. Going to the Louvre and seeing Mona Lisa was a really exciting event. At my high school, I’ve drawn Mona Lisa and looked at many photos of Mona Lisa in books and internet, but the color of the real thing was so
When I visited San Francisco and Boston in August, it was a very good experience. It was the first time to go overseas alone, and I was quite nervous at first, but could enjoy the trip. Visiting MIT and taking the campus tour was the peak of the trip. Boston is such a nice place to be in.

I would also like to say I like being in Japan. Well, born as a Japanese and having an international school background, my identity was mixed. But, since I live in a country where it has high standard of IT infrastructure, I am blessed. Also, being able to live in Kanagawa gives me access to airports, train and other forms of transport which is essential to what I do.

Little by little, I am trying to focus on building a better search engine, and my next project,


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