Here are a list of keywords I’m going to research about.

1. broaden perspective (using search engine)
2. Gabriel Weinberg (
3.ソーシャルバナー広告 (social banner advertisement)
5. pixiv
6. grapple
7. lowest common denominator content

I am interested the most in no.7, the lowest common denominator content. I’m interested in how low a level of a content has to be to be accepted by the wide mass of people.

Media nowadays target niche, of course in some cases, but mostly target the wide mass of people. Well, I am going to research what kind of content gets the most traffic, and what kind of advertisement works the best.

I will be researching different kinds of media, from newspaper, radio, TV, magazine, to blogs.

Newspapers carry news, radio carries audio content and advertisement, TV carries different kinds of news and content, as well as commercials. Magazine is interesting because it has the advertisement targeted for a select group of people. Blogs on the other hand, with only AdSense, you have no control of what kind of advertisement you want to show the audience. Google decides what to show on my blog.

I am quite happy with AdSense, but in order to target the advertisement well, I also like to use the manual affiliate advertisement. This brings me a lot of revenue. I want to make an algorithm of automating what kind of affiliate advertisement gets showed on my blog and my sites.

Broadening perspective using search engine is an interesting topic. With personalization, the topic you see on the search engine is somewhat limited to what you want to see. I want to change that. I want to make my search engine so that it encourages serendipity, and make the user discover many amazing topics.


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