I visited Google Japan in Roppongi Hills on May 10th for Google I/O 2011 Extended, and it was such an exciting time for me. The thing was, this event took place really late at night, actually doors opened at 10:30PM, and actual event at 11PM. Google I/O 2011 ended at 2AM, so I booked a hotel in Roppongi one day before, just 3 minutes away from Roppongi Hills.

The Google I/O 2011 Extended was really informative, with a presentation about AdMob from 11PM – 12PM, which inspired me to make a profitable Android app. The maker of Angry Birds makes $400,000 / month in ad revenues! That’s pretty amazing, right? The potential of AdMob is really high, I really must use this. The reason is quite simple, when you make an app for a fee, that’ll only give you money when downloaded, but when you make a free app supported by ads, there’s a potential of it making money continuously and repeatedly.

I talked with a man from Fujitsu, he makes keitais, and we talked about many things from AdMob to Android.

The video was taken when we were watching live keynote of Googe I/O in the U.S.


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