Well, these are topics I’m interested in studying in the next few years. (Yes YEARS).

First off, I will like to put Hadoop, MapReduce and CUDA to the list.

I like analysis, text mining, and search engine, so I’m thinking of a way to combine these.

I’ve also come up with an idea on search engine ranking.

It’s quite simple: get the words that are frequently used in a target language, and add points as a program counts how many of those words are used. Well, this can get targeted for spamming, but at least it’s a good idea, I think. The list of frequently used words have a point system, as the point gets higher as it goes down the list (frequently used words such as “the” have no significant points)

I think I’ll start CUDA programming on my Macbook Pro, since my Vaio Z has a special configuration of CUDA driver and I can’t use the default NVIDIA developer’s driver. (It’s a little sad). (Well I could maybe use homebrew driver, but I’m not going to risk it at the moment).


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