Recently, after saving up to buy this awesome machine, dubbed Vaio Z from Sony, I finally purchased it at a store in Tokyo.

I really like this machine because it has lots of interesting features. One of it is the ability to remote play with Playstation 3. I haven’t tried the feature yet, but I’m looking forward to connect it to my 60GB Playstation 3. The Vaio Z boasts 1GB Geforce GT330M, which is quite nice, because it supports both CUDA and PhysX. I’m going to study CUDA programming soon, I really want to apply it to the search engine ranking. Remember the matrix you learned in your sophomore year? It will surely help.

The Vaio Z has a 2.66Ghz Core i5 processor (the customized model can have a Core i7!). I’m thinking of upgrading the memory to 8GB from its original 4GB, but first, I think I will buy Photoshop Elements to edit pictures in a nice way. (Yes I like iPhoto, but I think I need something nicer).

I installed the Cloudera’s Hadoop training image on VMware Player, and it’s working flawlessly. I really like the fact Vaio Z can run Linux (Ubuntu in this case) really well on top of Windows 7.

Well, I highly recommend buying Vaio Z, and I’m quite sure you will enjoy the machine.


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