Yesterday, I went to watch TRON:LEGACY in 3D.

I watched the original TRON made in 1982 before watching TRON:LEGACY, so my rating of the film is about 4/5.

The reason? Well, to say it harshly, I thought the movie was rather like a well done remake of the original TRON. Nothing too new about it that will make me say really “WOW!!!”…

No, it’s not that I didn’t like the movie, but I expected a little more. The fact that Garrett Hedland playing Sam Flynn was good, although I don’t really know this actor from other movies, his acting was good. I liked the first part of the movie where the room behind the TRON console leads to the GRID, and where Sam Flynn types on an on-screen keyboard. Definitely UNIX based, I believe. 😉 Also, from my point of view, the cellphone that Sam Flynn used was Nokia N8, and that was a coolness factor.

I wish they could add more geekiness to the movie, I mean more of scenes with computers and mainframes. lol But that’s just me.


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