So, today is a little bit rainy and gray and cloudy. It’s Saturday already, and I am out using my iClever mobile keyboard with my iPhone 14. Recent topic has been Japan winning in the World Cup against Germany, that was truly surprising even as a Japanese who doesn’t watch soccer much. But recently, I […]


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So, today I worked on a workflow of a new product for our company. I think I can get the logic done soon. Today was sunny, and it was quite nice. Also watched a session by TOSHIBA, NTT, Groovenauts and Chodai about quantum computer, quantum sensing and quantum materials. Very good talk. Until next time.

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EdgeTech+ 2022

Today, I went to the EdgeTech+ 2022 that was held in Pacifico Yokohama in Kanagawa, Japan. I could see a lot of different ARM / RISC-V boards, AI and edge technology related stuff there. I went to hear the talk from the CEO of Groovenauts, which is a company that uses quantum computers to solve […]

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