Taken with RX100M3 in Shonandaira, Hiratsuka.


Braun ET66 Version 2

I bought the Braun ET66 Version 2 today, although I thought it was a bit overpriced, I paid extra for the nostalgic design.

I made a short video and uploaded on a YouTube. 🙂

Update on what’s going on in my life:

I’ve been doing cryptocurrency stuff, and doing search related things as well.vIt’s pretty fun, things are getting exciting as Bitcoin is going to hardfork.

See you soon.

Tsubasa Kato

Up Early

I am up early and researching about cryptocurrency and self driving car related stuff for investment ideas. The BGM I’m listening on my iPad Pro is Jayesslee’s song (Hisashiburi ni kiiteru 👍)

It’s still pretty dark outside, I’m going to the gym later on today…

iPad Pro 10.5 256GB has come!

I’ve been working quite a bit recently, and I was able to purchase the iPad Pro 10.5 256GB yesterday. The color is gold, and I have yet to buy a case for it. Since it has such a high capacity, I am planning to use it mostly as a learning device, and also a writing device.


I have been thinking about the North Korean situations for some time. Today is 9/9/2017. 2:27AM. Solar flare is affecting alot of people and some electronics, I think.

I will keep a helmet by my bedside just in case, and leave my smartphone on (which I usually don’t)…

Blackberry Passport Has Come!

Blackberry Passport Has Come! In case you’re wondering the handheld on the right is Japanese only au IS01 made by Sharp.

Contact me at tsubasa_kato@hotmail.com if you would like to purchase this handheld.