selling Sigmarion 3 on ebay

I am selling a Sigmarion 3 in very good condition on eBay, and it has been converted to English. We will ship anywhere in the world that is able to be sent via EMS and Li-ion battery is allowed to be sent.We can ship to more countries without the battery. $140.00 USD or Best Offer. […]

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So, today was pretty fun. I got to stock an item today to sell on eBay. I need to get some things done for my company, and I hope it goes well. I am studying some things on cybersecurity and reading the news about Taiwan / China situations. I guess I have to prepare for […]

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So, I started SPbU’s startup course, and it is very good. I hope to finish it through.

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Text to Speech experiment

So, I am making a video for explaining Grow My Search, and have successfully tried out Google’s Text to Speech using WaveNet. The Japanese female voice sounded very realistic. I will change the parameters a bit more from the script. Today was a nice day, I attended ContainerDays 2021. I also uploaded more data to […]

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So, I invested a bit on NVIDIA and AMD, and got good results. I think the whole crypto craze and NFT craze will be pushing both stocks further up, since they are the essential manufacturers of GPU. I’ve been looking a bit on Grid Coin, I think I might use it soon, since I do […]

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So, today, I got a major work done. It was pretty tiring, but I managed to finish it so I’m happy! I’m thinking of learning about concurrency and distributed crawler. I’m planning to create a better architecture for Grow My Search. I found a good web crawler made with Rust, but I started Rust today, […]

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Some Stock things etc.

So, today it was rainy here in Kanagawa, Japan. I bought some stock pertaining to Nickel since I think there will be demand of it much more in the coming 3-5 years. I’m hoping to buy it consistently for a while. I’ve recently been thinking of buying NVIDIA stocks as it got divided, and I’m […]

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A Bit Scary Thing.

Today, I was at a certain cafe in Tokyo and my smartphone kept rebooting when I was using hotspot to connect to the internet with my Macbook Air. So, I got angry and set the SSID to something silly. Still the same. The hacker was so consistent that I decided not to use hotspot there. […]

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