Studied cybersecurity and Hackensack at library today. Now at Starbucks. 


Mobile Lorenz Attractor

It is unusually snowing in late March, and I am on a train back from Ikebukuro.

I am playing with a Lorenz Attractor app called ChaoticApp2. I have always been fascinated with chaos and fractals, and I am in the process of learning trading strategies with it.

I borrowed two eighties books from the central library, and am hoping it will be letting me get an edge. I am sure it will.

Thinking about a new service called ThoughtRemix

I’ve been interested in making a web based service called ThoughtRemix for some time. Over several years, I have been thinking of an idea that utilizes text data upload and it sends out web crawlers or mines data from sources such as Twitter to get relevant information.

Some parts of this idea is already made, I think I have to assemble each parts into a working demo. The book by Howard Rheingold, Tools for Thought will provide me with many inspirations for this project.

Went to Akihabara yesterday

I went to attend a cyber security event in Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan) yesterday. I took the Tokaido line as usual and went via Ueno. There were a lot of people there, including a bunch of foreigners from all over the globe.

The cafes were all packed so I couldn’t get a chance to rest there, but I got to stroll the streets and look at what were for sale. The Vaio Z (I think) was about 43000+ JPY at one shop. Not bad, I thought considering its condition.

I will be packing some stuff to send to an overseas customer probably today. It’s kind of cloudy where I live right now, I’m hoping for a better weather…

I’ve been hooked on this app called Lynxlet (Lynx for Mac OS X). It’s working really well. I’ll share a screenshot here.