Tried out QRN Quantum Random Number Generator

Tried out QRN Quantum Random Number Generator today on my iPad Pro 10.5 . The application is very interesting…


Looking up on some things.

I’ve been interested on an article by Nikkei some time ago about a MIT-born hedge fund called Domeyard. I’m checking several articles on them.

Meanwhile as my BGM, I’m listening to Relient K which I’ve listened throughout my teens. Brings me back memories. 🙂

I think I will go to the library from now.


I went to Yokohama Art Museum the other day and looked at a exhibition mostly of photos. It was pretty good, although some of the photos were rather creepy. I enjoyed her photos of kimono though.

I’ve made some progress on my projects, and it is going well, I’ve bought a book called Taming Text, and it seems to be a really useful book. Today, I might go to the library to study and do some more research.

I need to study more of text mining and investment…


It’s snowing outside Hiratsuka, Kanagawa where I live and it’s COLD. I went to ship 2 items that got sold during the weekend on eBay and another item on

I stocked some items in a local store I use to stock items to sell on amazon & eBay, I got good condition electronic dictionary and micro casette recorder etc.

I also ordered a conversion adapter that converts flat terminal used in au IS01 to stereo 3.5mm jack. I think it will arrive soon.

I enjoy using the au IS01, although it is very old. I’m researching about Ethereum and Ripple as well as IOTA recently. haha.


I’ve been thinking a little bit about the application of information retrieval in intelligence field, whether it be in the commercial realm or otherwise.

Systems I build are based on MySQL or Solr systems, and I use open source projects to integrate intelligence / mining solutions for my business. I think I will learn Splunk again, since it is very well made, and I really liked it for my analysis of web server logs.

A interesting site I some time ago is: . It is the site of Mr. Stephen E. Arnold, and I listened to one of the podcast I found in the net. The ebook by him is also very interesting to read.

Just my quick thought.

Tsubasa Kato