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Chigasaki’s Big Payphone Booth

This big payphone booth was taken in front of Chigasaki station. Designed for wheelchair users.

6/22/2018 Tsubasa Kato

Notes on Cryptocurrency

So, I’ve been seeing the price of major cryptocurrency, and I’ve noticed today that ETC (Ethereum Classic) has gone up today.

It’s up 5.78%. @ 1850.36 JPY at the point of writing this.

I will be writing my findings on cryptocurrency on this blog from now on.

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I have been investing in cryptocurrency for some time and yes it has some ups and downs.

Since the XRP is a little over 58JPY, I will be aiming 20% increase in 1-2 months.

I have been also interested in educational market and blockchain. I see a huge potential in this field and will be researching it from now on. My very short analysis I uploaded on my server and made public by VALU was well received.

See you soon.

My Thoughts

So, I’ve been considering in buying Spotify stocks. The reason: I believe it’s a very good product and owning their shares will give me profit as well.

I might put it into action soon when I can afford to.

unix stickers have come! and it was only $1!

Geeky stickers! I love em. #unixstickers #unix #linux

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#BASH #root #motorola #coolsticker

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Thanks to unixstickers, these stickers were only $1.00 for everything (Free shipping too!). You should check them out here: https://www.unixstickers.com/products/pro-pack

Limited time only, so hurry!