Selling 2 x Sharp Zaurus SL-C700 Working, without Batteries on eBay!

I’m selling 2 x Sharp Zaurus SL-C700 Working, without Batteries on eBay!

Both units have been tested to work. Batteries are not included in this listing. 
The OS is in Japanese.
You can flash it to English easily by downloading Cacko 1.23 ROM from the internet.
We will ship worldwide by registered airmail with tracking ($10.50) or by EMS with tracking and insurance ($22.00 to USA, $27.00 elsewhere). 
Starting from $50.00, $100.00 Buy It Now.

Minato Mirai


Just as we run through perils and winding roads, we see a light. A Light that shines in my soul. Yes, it is that Light that makes me happy.

Just some things

I just noticed the other day that Kaggle joined Google.

Well, that’s that I guess, I hope they don’t shut it down sometime later… 😦

At the moment, I am installing Visual Studio 2015 for installing Arrayfire (for God knows how many times now!) I hope I can learn to program it well this time. I keep saying I have to make a search engine ranker with CUDA acceleration…

Inventories stocked for eBay &

So, I stocked some things like tapes and digital cameras recently.

One digital camera is a very old one, called FUJIFILM 4900Z which has about 2Megapixel HoneyComb CCD. Another is quite recent one made in 2012 called IXY 3. It has an amazing 12X optical zoom!

Here’s my eBay store if you want to buy tapes, PDAs, laptops, WonderSwan Crystal and more.

Here’s my listing. (for those who live in Japan)

Working with servers.

So, I’ve been renting SSD nodes server for my project for 2 months now. I must say their service is very good.

I like working with servers via ssh, and  I am recently thinking of building a Raspberry Pi Zero cluster / Raspberry Pi 3 cluster or a Parallella cluster.

It all depends on how much budget I can have.

Raspberry Pi Zero will be interesting to experiment with since it has such a small footprint. It also consumes the least amount of current of the three SBC. What I’m going to be using the cluster is probably for information retrieval and AI research…

I’m also building another  website (you’ll have to look for it, it’s quite obscure).

Softbank’s stock price is going up, maybe I’ll invest in them soon….

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everyone! (Although it’s going to be 2nd in less than an hour here in Japan).

May your year be filled with joy and excitement!

-Tsubasa Kato a.k.a. stingraze

Just noticed something about alt tag on Facebook Profile Image

Just noticed something about alt tag on Facebook Profile Image today.

Apparently, they have a very good machine learning algorithm that views what the image is.

Here’s a copy of HTML.

<img class=”profilePic img” alt=”your Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, sky and outdoor” src=”;oe=58FC56AE”&gt;

notice the alt tag. it says 1 person, sky and outdoor.